11 Highway West, Roseau, MN.

Open 24 Hours & Close By

Sven & Ole’s is owned and managed by respected, trusted and very experienced  local community members.

Well-Managed & Maintained

The Sven and Ole’s team is very well-trained and experienced automotive and customer service professionals who care about you!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are very responsive and easy to get a hold of if anything goes wrong if you have any special needs we can help with!

We Host Fundraisers & Events

Please contact us if you’d like to hold an event on our grounds, or host a fundraiser including our car wash! We’ll donate!

We Take Credit Cards & Value Card

We take MC, Visa and Discover & have an ATM on-site. You can also save time and money by getting  an ULTIMATE VALUE CARD!

Easy to Find & Contact Us!

Phone Us: 218-463-0707 or email us ole@svenandolescarwash.com

Find Us: Highway 11 West 1099 3rd St NW, Roseau, MN 56751


We provide
safe and clean bays for all size vehicles, 24 hours!

Notice the size and cleanliness of our wash bays!

4 main choices of washes include State-of-the-Art Touch Free Automatic Washes with a HUGE Self-Service Wash Bay.

Also includes an Indoor Carpet Shampoo & Vacuum!

Our Car Wash is Open 24 Hours, Eco-Friendly, Includes Vacuums

4 Different Washes to Choose From!

We are always close by to make sure you have everything you need. You can even shampoo your interior if needed.  Our weather and lifestyle can be rough on your vehicle and keeping it cared for will keep it reliable!

Nora’s Express Wash $6

We have water pressure, but no high-pressure sales! This basic wash is just fine with us if that’s all you need!

• Undercarriage & Side Blaster
• 2-Step Pre-Soak
• High Pressure Wash & Rinse
• Spot-Free Rinse
• Standard Power Dry

Lena’s Deluxe Wash $8

Extra pass through to clean tough messes.

• Undercarriage & Side Blaster
• 2-Step Pre-Soak
• High Pressure Wash & Rinse
• X-tra Bug Pass (Summer)
• X-tra Tailgate Pass (Winter)
• Spot-Free Rinse
• Standard Power Dry

Sven’s Supreme Wash $10

• Undercarriage & Side Blaster
• 2-Step Pre-Soak
• High Pressure Wash & Rinse
• X-tra Bug Pass (Summer)
• X-tra Tailgate Pass (Winter)
• Blue Coral Triple Foam Polish
• Velocity® Clear Coat Protectant

• Spot-Free Rinse
• Standard Power Dry

Ole’s RainX Ultimate Wash $12

• High Pressure Underbody Rinse & Side Blaster
• 2-Stage PreSoak with X-Tra Grille & Trunk Pass
• High Pressure Wash & Rinse
• X-tra Bug Pass (Summer)
• X-tra Tailgate Pass (Winter)
• Blue Coral Triple Foam Polish
• Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant
• Velocity® Clear Coat Protectant

• Spot-Free Rinse
• X-Tra Power Dry

Quality of Washes are Guaranteed!

Come Over, Enjoy!

Quality Care Guaranteed!

• We are very easy-to-reach & responsive.
• Our email is checked regularly during the day.
• We guarantee a great experience!
• We answer our phones & are here for guidance.
• You can pre-pay online or pay on-site for your wash (plus, ATM on-site).

When Ole’s Oil Can Opens…We’ll Offer Corporate Pick-Up & Delivery!
• FREE pick-up & delivery service for oil changes & service
• We are trusted, astute & deliver consistent quality.
• Detailing, service center & car wash for fleet or corporate vehicles.
• Employers, we can pick-up & deliver employee vehicles back quickly.
• Ask if your company has a program with us!
• Trained and skilled technicians…& always eco-friendly!

The Sven & Ole’s Team

Our company was founded in 2007 by well-respected local residents with many years’ of automotive and professional service experience.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient automated and hand car wash experience possible.
We use the most modern and up-to-date water reclamation modules as a part of our car wash systems.
Our products are all biodegradable and eco-friendly!

BTW…People love us so much they buy our branded merchandise!


We Love Our Community!

We’ll Host Your Events & Fundraisers On Our Grounds!

Yes, Car Shows are Our Favorite!

Anything that involves our caring for your vehicles & our helping your causes, we’re in!

It Brings us Pleasure to Partner.

If you are a car dealer, or an employer who wants to keep your employees happy, or have fleet vehicles, we’re here to serve you in every way we can!

We Enjoy Helping Keep you All Safe!

We offer select opportunities for mentorship. We teach your kids how to care for their cars in an effort to keep them safe, making good decisions, and caring for their cars properly!

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